Ambassador Susan Rice is either a puppet of Obama who does what she’s told, or, she’s a puppet who does what Obama commands her to do. Obama revealed for the first time that he has a temper, something he’s concealed for decades. He uses a teleprompter to keep his true personality hidden, but at his press conference, Nov. 14th he showed himself to be a very, very angry and vengeful man. Excessive  anger is  psychotic. In the president it’s a national concern because it wrongly characterizes America.

His response to two elected Senators, –  that they should: “..go after me” revealed even deeper psychosis. The context of Obama’s juvenile retort was his flawed analysis of the widening Benghazi episode that caused the death of four Americans. Obama was not interested in defending their lives, possibly because he did not feel connected to them as he’s connected with Susan Rice. Both Obama and Rice have benefitted greately from the Affirmative Action Agenda’s. Rice wrongly pushed the idea that a video caused the Benghazi attack that killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stephens. Who told Rice to push the video? 

Rice is Obama’s puppet. She was told to go to five TV progams and push the video. Who told her to say that? Who told her to blame the video instead of al Quida, for the attack in Benghazi? Who told her to say the same wrong things about the video as president Obama said to the United Nations two weeks after the attacks?

Who benefitted from the false narrative about the video? President Obama was re-elected by a narrow margin before the truth about the bad decisions about Benghazi, bad decisions that were the responsibility of the White House, were revealed. 

Susan Rice destroyed her reputation by pushing the video. She is not qualified to represent America in any capacity. She should step down as U.N. Ambassador because of her massive prevarications about Benghazi. She is un-reliable and will not be trusted at the United Nations nor as a Secratary of State as Obama has proposed. Rice immediately needs to resign or be removed and barred from from further government service.  

Murdered Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was a direct descendent of a great Chinook Indian chief who reigned  throughout the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Chief Comcomly,  also spelled Concomly, according to cemetery records, was principle chief of the  Chinook Confederacy that extended along the Pacific coastline in what is  present-day Oregon and Washington State. Considered a friend of the white man,  Comcomly received medals from Lewis and Clark upon their initial encounter in  1805. Why didn’t Obama protect Ambassador Stevens like he’s trying to protect Ambassador Rice? Probably because Rice is in no real danger so it’s much easier that actually protecting an Ambassador Obama purposely left in harms way.

President Obama needs to direct himself  better. Four Americans are dead because of his cavilier responses to the dangers in Benghazi. Instead of posturing over Susan Rice he should be going after Terrorists. Obama needs to stop playing his brackets and stop appearing on nonsensical TV shows with various clowns and get down to the job he should be doing and should have done which is to protect Americans in real danger.


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