When is the NFL going to stop these overpaid a**holes, these clowns who demonstrate by making gestures after a tackle or catching a pass or breaking up a pass play? Don’t they realize that’s what they’re paid to do?

Young players in grade school, high school and college see this and think it’s OK to rub it in when they do something. It’s not.

It’s poor sportsmanship but these children who simply grew up large are still little babies who cry when their feelings are hurt and clap and yell when they get a piece of candy. Well, it’s not the way sports are supposed to be played.

These are tiny little minds who grew way to large for their tiny little brains and they prove their small cerebellums by jerking around and around ruining the game for the fans who are forced to watch these little boys in football uniforms. Message to the small, tiny little boys.. Get back to playing football and stop the emotional masturbations. .

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