If Joe Biden has any integrity and that’s a debatable statement, he should demand a re-election.

*** Joe Biden must not set foot inside The White House. ***

Biden is an illegitimate president so he should refuse to take the oath of office.

The fraud that was done by him; on his instructions or by his agents against president Trump makes a mockery of his election and he should not go along with the fraud.

The fraud is real. It will not disappear. It should be addressed; indeed it MUST be addressed by Biden as it has been addressed by president Trump. America needs this cleared up and it will not go away if Biden simply presumes he was legitimately elected when it is clear he was not. Repeat: Joe Biden was not elected.

Of course Biden and the Democrats cheated. They cheated the way they always have, by manufacturing votes for people they knew were not going to vote because they are dead, ineligible, or apathetic. COVID allowed the Democrats m to jam through mass mail-in voting, something they’ve been dreaming of forever. “You want people to DIE because of your absurd contention that vote fraud exists?”

Presumably Democrats didn’t abandon their usual vote-stealing methods, such as driving homeless people to the polls in exchange for a box lunch, “helping” nursing home residents fill out ballots, and waiting for the polls to close to discover pallets of uncounted ballots. This year, Democrats could also vote the millions of mail-in ballots littering the countryside.

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