My concern is that a Constitutional Convention will follow the general ideas that are rolling around the country which are the ideas of The Left.

America is mostly a socialist minded country.

Years of indoctrination starting from the pulpits of the churches and synagogues, through the government schools grades 1 to 12 and then four years in the colleges and universities have successfully inculcated a Socialist Mindset into the quotidian.

The newspapers, the political magazines, the  media, the authors, the books and movies are following the lessons learned in the schools and universities.

Dinner conversations, discussions at parties, BBQ’s and on the job reinforce the lessons learned as children.

Letters to the editor are about 80% Socialist, Progressive or actually communist based.

A Constitutional Convention would be a disaster because it would cement the ideas of The Left into the law.

It’s difficult to change peoples minds. Persuasion is hard under ideal circumstances because of the resistance of individuals who have a set of Leftist ideas implanted into their sub-conscious.

Woodrow Wilson was one of the most convincing and persuasive presidents of America. He campaigned for his second term with the slogan: “He Kept Us Out Of The War”.

After election he swung the nation into World War II.

He created a Federal Department of Information which is to say, a propaganda department using among a great many other’s, Edward Bernays, the father of Advertising who started Madison Avenue types of ads and other vehicles of persuasion using the crowd psychology techniques. See:

So I believe a Constitutional Convention would make things even more Socialist in America and that won’t make things better. The alternative view is it will make things worse.

Socialism is beguiling, People like a Welfare State.

The leadership of every country knows Socialism Works because most people ”know” free stuff is good.

Most people don’t seem to grasp that everything has a cost or that they won’t ever have to pay the bill because life is so short and they can just keep putting it off and government will somehow fix it because government always fixes it.

So the left is in control and will continue in control until the currency gets re-valued and the sick economic cycle continues until some tragic

set of events hits a reset.

In the meantime China is getting stronger, America is getting weaker and no nation will help make America better anymore.

Sorry for relaying this pessimistic view of things but it is what it is, right?

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