More guns can stop terrorists. Study the San Bernardino terror attack. How long did it take? 

There were 14 dead, 17 wounded and about 50 people who escaped according to police Lt. Mike Maddox. Why didn’t a few of the 81 people have guns of their own? 

Paris. The Bataclan theatre had about 750 people in the audience. Why didn’t some of them have a gun? Same for Charlie Hebdo. Twelve people murdered without a single shot fired back at the terrorists. Why?

Add up the dead and the people at just those three scenes.  81 + 750 + 12 = 843 people without a single gun among them. How different would it have been if a few of the victims were armed?

It’s well proven that criminals do not commit crimes where they know people have a gun. How simple is it to make sure there are armed people who can shoot back at terrorists? Terrorists are no dumber than common criminals. Terrorists would attack someplace else if they know there are people with guns at the places they want to attack. It’s common sense.

Want some common sense gun laws? Make it easier for civilians to be armed. Watch how fast the crime rates go down. Even better, watch how the terror attacks go down when it’s known some of the intended victims are armed.

The Second Amendment in America makes it possible for people to carry a loaded pistol or two. Such carry laws do not exist anywhere else so America should be the safest from terrorist attack but it’s become Politically Correct  to try to ban guns. That’s one of the biggest problems with PC. Disarmed people are easier to attack. Disarmed people live in fear. Americans can lead the way and show the rest of the world how to make a country terrorist proof.  Let’s get this done.

If you don’t want to carry a small pistol consider that you may save the life of a child by shooting back at a terrorist. You could save a friend or a neighbor. You could save a co-worker. And you might even save yourself. Your family will thank you for stopping a terrorist or even a terrorist attack. .

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