Once again Obama showed his disrespect for other people when he said “Folks just wanna Pop-Off with opinions about what I should do”. He says they should present a specific plan. And if his critics think their advisers are smarter than Obama’s, the president says, “I want to meet them.”

Well send the Jet to pick me up. He’s wrong about his plan “to contain ISIS”. That’s as sensible as Eisenhower telling Hitler to stay in France as long as you like. Nobody is going to keep America safe until ISIS is defeated, not contained. Obama needs to take off the training wheels and start acting as a sensible Commander In Chief who has the American people behind him to bomb ISIS and contain them in body bags. The President would have all of Europe behind him if he had the courage to attack the Islamic State In Syria and the Levant. That would be ISIL. Obama cannot say ISIS either because that means the Islamic State In Syria. He cannot even say “Islamic State” even though that’s what the Islamic State calls itself, and neither can John Kerry who referred to ISIS as Daesh.


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