One of the highest achievements is Paris. It survived the NAZI Occupation and it will easily survive the terrorists. French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo posted the cover of this week’s issue — which responds to last week’s attacks in Paris — on social media Tuesday. The cartoon depicts a man dancing and drinking Champagne, which is pouring out of the bullet holes in his body. “Ils Ont Les Armes. On Les Emmerde. On A Le Champagne!” the message reads. “They have arms. Fuck them. We have the Champagne!” So much for Satire. It gets the job done but the Islamic terrorists are still at it. So much for courage. Charlie Hebdo certainly has enough.

The present religion based War Against The West and the War on Terror or The War Against Terror apply Worldwide partly because the Islamists propagating it have made it so. Islamists see their religion as superior to all others which is how each religion sees their own but the followers of Islam who want to eliminate Israel and America are unwilling to follow the rule that all religions are tolerant of all others. The verdict on all religions is however that they are desirous to poison our experience of life on earth, not to enhance it, to keep us fearful, to suppress knowledge, to curtail freedom and creativity, and to celebrate death. Those attributes drive murder and create murders whether they are Terrorists or Crusaders. Those attributes are necessary to sustain the idea of reward in another life. Terrorists are the manifestation of those ideas put into action.

Religion really does motivate people to do horrible things because they have this passionate faith in whatever their religion happens to be, and each religion teaches them that the other religion is the wrong one.
The take-home message is: “blame religion, not religious extremism – as though the extreme form is a terrible perversion of the real, decent religion. Voltaire got it right long ago: ‘Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.’ The opposite is true about science. The scientific world is based only and exclusively about reality and that everything works according to physical laws. Things don’t spontaneously change their nature although there are events that change the nature of something into something else like the ingredients when mixed create gunpowder which after it explodes becomes fire and gas. Science provides a rational, correct explanation of phenomena. The world of religion however depends on faith and belief in another life. Science is true, inspiring, remarkable and unites a whole lot of phenomena under the heading of Science. Religion, theology and the world of faith and belief has been at war within itself because the differences of religion are unchangeable. They lead naturally to force to make individuals conform to the unique commands of the various religious laws and force leads to higher force which leads to bloody war. While Science is the antidote for religious war, the day that happens doesn’t appear very likely to be in the near future. Meanwhile, Charlie Hebdo is certainly correct: “On Les Emmerde. On A Champagne”.

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