The grieving and the feelings of loss, sadness and shock at the terrible tragedy committed by terrorists have led people to come together which has a healing effect. Candles, the Eiffel Tower made into a peace sign, the beautiful, graceful Eiffel tower lit with the national tricolors of France are a visible symbol of solidarity within the civilized world. One graphic showed the Statue of Liberty with a military backpack and holding an assault rifle wading into the ocean moving towards a burning France saying: “I’m Coming” is a poignant reminder that American’s fought by the millions twice in France to Free the French and the Western Europeans during two bloody wars.

The Terrorists are on their way to being defeated. The attacks in Paris will help put Donald Trump in charge of America’s Military Might and bring that might to bear on the defeat and destruction of the Islamic Terrorists. Meanwhile the civilized world stands solid with the French during this time of grief. To visit Paris is to fall in love with France, the French and with life itself. It’s that perfect.

In time the grief will pass and rough men with guns will appear and defeat the terrorists.

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