It used to be fashionable to claim Jimmie Carter lost Iran to the Ayatollah, which he did. The Shah was in favor of loads of Western values but he also had a secret police, SAVAK. Carter persuaded him to release political prisoners which he did and they became involved with the Iranian Hostage crisis and the Islamic Revolution. When the Ayatollah took power he shot 3,000 political prisoners and 21,000 pro-Western Iranians and took Americans hostage. Carter lost Iran. Iran created the Terrorist network. Obama is enthralled by the Islamic Revolution and is absolutely in awe of the Mullahs who run it in Iran.

Responding to Terrorism by appeasement or saying Islam is a religion of peace won’t work as has been seen by 9/11, Charlie Hebdo, Theo vanGogh and more murders by the Islamic based terrorists. The way to confront them is to wage war against then. Not candles, prayers, tolerance and appeasement but war as fast and as complete as it can be. Obama cannot do that because his heart isn’t in it so America is in great danger as shown by the Fort Hood Assassin; the Boston Bombers and Obama’s project to import Syrian’s who hide Islamic Terrorists within their Islamic communities. Appeasing them encourages and emboldens them because they know they are winning the physical war. Prayers are not a battlefield tactic. People who pray for victory must have some people who will shoot and bomb their way to victory otherwise the prayers won’t work.

Wanting to dominate others through initiation of physical force doesn’t work because people will resist being forced to do just about anything. Resistance is natural to a thinking person because a rational person is always thinking and resents being forced to do things they think they don’t want to do. That’s the irrationality of using force to conquer or govern people. Individuals have a natural inclination to be free to act on their own as they see fit which means they must be left alone to decide for themselves. Human survival and flourishing requires thought and thought is impossible under force. That’s the fatal mistake of Socialism which treats all society as one and fails to grasp the thinking abilities of each individual. Proof that people think individually and differently is the great economic success of Capitalism that provides products people prefer and destroys products people don’t like when they refuse to buy them.

Governments only role is to protect their citizens against the initiation of physical force, whether by terrorists, foreign invaders, or common criminals. Despite his lip service to the contrary, Obama has failed miserably to protect Americans and it’s almost a matter of sheer luck that more attacks by Islamists like the Boston Bombers and the Fort Hood Assassin have not happened. America is the strongest military power in the West but it lacks the ability to retaliate and punish Islamist terrorists by a President who believes foolishly that pretending peace can be achieved by appeasing the evil (or by deposing strongmen such as Saddam Hussein who are not the funders and initiators of terrorism) will stop terrorists. It hasn’t and it won’t.

If Western civilization and our freedom to live and flourish is to continue America must stop tolerating and appeasing evil and the irrational Terrorists who detest our civilization and want to destroy it must themselves be destroyed but Obama is not a president who accepts his role to use force against Islamic Terrorism. Our government and our President must protect our Liberty including the freedom’s of our women and retaliate with strong military force against terrorists when terrorist attacks occur, and must act to stop attacks before they happen. President Obama isn’t capable of doing that. He’s passive against Islamic terrorism.

The leaders of the world must protect us against Islamist terrorism. Obama not only cannot do that, he continues to do what he told us he would do which is to stand with Islam. America has been lost to the Terrorists as Americans are reduced to waiting for the next attack because the President refuses to even acknowledge Islam is a threat to the American way of life and to American lives and that is the fault of President Barack Hussein Obama.

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