Why must they be brought to America? Why not get them to safe places in Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia. Algeria or Mauritania? Why not South Africa? Or Kenya? Or Tanzania? It’s a false choice to ask how many should come to America.

The Trojan Horse was built to trick the people of Troy into accepting Armed men into their walled city. Troy was conquered just as the radical Islamists want to conquer and eliminate the Western nations including especially America. They must not be accepted as refugees or immigrants because terrorists are among them.

9/11, Charlie Hebdo and The Paris attack proved the impossibility of being safe from terror attacks from radical Islamists. The Boston Bombers, the Tzarnaev brothers, were supposed to be benign immigrants who only wanted to study in America. They were Trojan Horse Terrorists who were accepted by America then they bombed the Boston Marathon. No nation in Europe or America has a duty to admit dangerous people into our midst. They have no papers. They have no ID. they mask radical Islamists. Those are reasons enough to keep them out. Besides, they don’t have to come to America to be safe. There are 191 countries in the world in addition to America. There are plenty of places for them to go.

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