The assimilation of foreign immigrants into a vastly different culture takes time although within that time the assimilation may well be impossible. Certain human characteristics cannot be changed within a hundred years or so. Descendants of African slaves are still marginal in many parts of America even though slavery was mostly outlawed when the country was started. On the other side of the assimilation argument is President Barack Obama who was marginally elected by a culture in which he is partially assimilated and partially marginalized. Religion belief’s are far more intractable than Racism so trying to affect changes in religious belief’s is seemingly impossible although there has been success in changing people’s religious affiliations or even in eliminating them.

The solution to eliminating terror means either changing the religious belief’s of the Muslims who carry out terror attacks, removing them by arrest and sending them to jail or eliminating them which means killing them. So far no leader has been that explicit nor does it seem that any leader would say that in public. Coincidentally it’s the strategy of the terrorists. They skip the first two solutions and go straight to #3.

There are strategies and tactics to turn the tables on the terrorists. They hide their intentions and hide themselves inside more normal communities so step one is identifying them. That requires the cultivation of snitches within their cultures but snitches present problems of their own. They cannot be trusted because after all they are betraying their neighbors but they can be convinced and encouraged by providing rewards for help identifying terrorists within their communities. The benign neighbors of terrorists can be encouraged and convinced to betray their terrorist neighbors because human nature has known attributes that will work to the advantage of the West. Some success is noted in the betrayals of the locations of Osama binLadin and Jihad John.

In the aftermath of terrorist attacks leaders of the Western Nations quietly have been given increased powers and broader mandates to capture and kill terrorists. The Paris attacks will increase the commitment of millions of people to eliminate terrorists. 9/11 and Paris will help the civilized world deal with the barbaric problem of Middle East terror. The civilized world has been somewhat slow to recognize the dangers from the terrorists but now that they are on the radar screens of millions of normal Westerners the days of reckoning are getting closer. If America elects Donald Trump a strong leader will once again be the commander in chief and the considerable assets of the United States will be brought to bear on the terrorist threat to America.

Evil can be conquered. That’s the historic lesson that will eventually defeat the terrorists. .

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