From the NY Times June 23, 2000. (HERE) …..this Office (White House Counsel Beth Nolan) has determined that the White House’s failure to search all records within its care, custody, and control, in response to lawfully issued subpoenas, could be broken down into seven categories of records:
1. Failure to search reconstructed e-mail for the time period of January 1993 through June 1994; [Hillary was First Lady from Jan, 1993 to Jan, 2001]
2. Failure to search incoming e-mails to 526 users for the time period of August
1996 through November 1998;
3. Failure to search incoming e-mails of approximately 200 users for the time period of November 1998 through May 1999;
4. Failure to search over 600 backup tapes of former employees’ hard drives;
5. Failure to search incoming e-mail from the Office of the U.S. Trade
Representative, White House Military Office, WAVES system, and any user of
the All-in-One system;
6. Failure to search a correspondence database system known as Quorum; and
7. Failure to search the internal e-mail system in the Executive Residence.”


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