One bus leaving every 2 1/2 hours from Penn Station in Philadelphia, another bus leaving Penn station in Manhattan every 2 1/2 hours and so on for each of the 50 states and in one year 11 million illegal immigrants are gone. Or, just 37 trains a day deports 11 million people in one year. that’s no even one train a day from each state.

It would take 500 buses a day to do it. A combination of buses and trains from each of the 50 states could easily deport 11 million illegal immigrants in one year. 500 buses a day is only ten buses per state per day. Of course a bus cannot leave Hawaii so one cruise ship a month would deport all of the illegals in Hawaii. Same for Alaska. If it takes twice as long then only half as many trains and buses would be needed. It it’s done in three years it’s only four trains a day going to Mexico from where most of the immigrants came.

See how easy this is?

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