President Obama’s policies and decisions that affect Muslims always favor Muslims. Although he says he is a Christian his attitude favors Islam. He said he condemns the Brussels Massacre as an attack against “Innocent People” but he never condemned the guilty people. Is Allah the same God as the Jewish and Christian God? Perhaps but the answer seems elusive.

Invoking Allah as the 9/11 hijackers did means there’s a connection between Islam and the terror attacks. Even though the protestations of the West always begin with the words that Islam is a religion of peace, more attacks show that’s not quite always true and as a result the blood of the victims is always on their hands.  Moslims aren’t compatible with our civilization. We are constantly advised that Moslims have declared Jihad, Holy War, on the West and the Brussels attackers filled their bombs with nails and shrapnel to cause even more harm than explosives which cause plenty of harm even without nails.

When will this stop? So far there’s no answer. Not even any answers from history except that the Moslims will not stop. They are incompatible with the civilizations of the West. They are incompatible with the Russian civilization. They are incompatible with the civilizations of the Orient How do we know that? Because they use non-Geneva Convention approved weapons on innocent non-Moslims. 

The Moslem Terrorists are not of our civilization. The victims of  Brussels just like the victims of Paris, of Charlie Hebdo, of 9/11 are victims of our tolerance. With thousands of terror attacks the Moslim terrorists are not satiated. This is the problem. The rest is just talk.

No one protected the victims. When do the leaders of the West, the leaders in Brussels, in France, In America say “Enough!”?

How many victims are enough? How many victims will satisfy the followers of the religion of peace? How long will the leaders of the Western nations save, protect, nourish and defend these followers of Islam? How many “innocent Moslims”  provide the breeding grounds from which the Terrorists attack? How many people who do not handle the actual bombs provide the network, the protection and are complicit with the bombers?

When will the West learn to defend itself? 



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