Even Left-Wingnut Salon Mag. calls Trump: “…, smart, intuitive and a quick study who will presumably get up to passable speed as he assembles a brain trust over the coming months.” That’s a quote from the opposition against Trump.

“Trump’s central campaign theme of securing the borders and more stringently vetting immigrants was strengthened by the events in Brussels, a historic city whose changing demographics he had already controversially warned about.”

Camille Paglia continued: “Ted Cruz, the last one still standing, is bombastic, sanctimonious and coldly sharkish behind that forced smile. Is Cruz a truly convincing model of Christian values of charity, compassion and humility? Jimmy Carter did it way better than this. Cruz seems consumed by a vainglorious conviction of his own destiny, tied to an apocalyptic view of history. He reminds me of glad-handing televangelists like Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker, who were loved and trusted by so many but whose careers ended in disgrace.

Hillary Clinton’s Brussels response was basically nonsense saying in essence “Walls Don’t Work In Stopping the Internet” to which we add But Walls Stop People which is what walls are for. Look at China to prove walls work. Hillary should retire and finally take better care of her husband who even though he’s slowed down is still trying to get Monica back into the White House.

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