Stupid is as stupid does summarizes some of the ideas that have recently begun to be seen at the NBCMA meetings. Comparing a size of diesel generator to a solar array showed how small a generator is needed to produce the same amount of electricity was seen by some as a claim that a diesel generator is not as good as a solar array. The size of a diesel generator and the solar array is self-evident. The question of which is better depends on the criteria.

For example, if a reliable source of electricity is needed, a solar array is worse. Solar doesn’t work at night, just to cite the easiest example but the example of the extreme uselessness of a solar array. If the criteria is which uses the least diesel fuel, it’s the solar array that wins.

But when it comes to the cost the criteria gets expanded and the differences are not great. Comparison becomes impossible when it includes all of the energy needed to make a soler array.

Showing for example a photo of a generator is not as good as the example I used at a Supervisor meeting of showing the size of a generator, about the size of the table from which I was speaking. The actual size of the solar array is impossible to see inside of a room because the solar array is huge compared to the desk or a diesel generator. The point is not easy to miss. It’s the basis of the provision of using the desk to show it. The impossibility to bring the solar array into the room is the main point but a presenter succeeded in missing it. You can lead a horse to water but there’s no cure for stupid.

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