In Philadelphia Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, easily the most important document for homo sapiens because it flung off the chains of the King of England and in turn that unchained everyone who is free today.

Jefferson’s masterwork will be on exhibit at Valley Forge park on July 4th, 2013. Not the actual document. That was destroyed by acid in 1865 when the acid from the copy process dissolved the letters of the original but a rare copy made from a copper plate that was etched while it was in contact with the actual Declaration of Independence. Precautions were taken but the acid destroyed the original. The copper plate disappeared but before it did it was inked and copies were made. All but two of the copies disappeared. One is on display at Valley Forge. 

This copy is an exact copy. The letters came from the copper plate. It’s a more exact copy than can be made today because the plate touched the original document and the ink and paper for the copy came from the plate.

So celebrate Liberty. See the exact copy. July 4th, 1776 was the day the Declaration was approved in Philadelphia. Jefferson wrote it with a feather pen, called a quill pen and that feather did more for Liberty than all of the armies of history. 

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