Some people cannot make a living so they apply for Social Security Disability benefits. They need a history of the disability. Using a cane could work but that takes time.  

If an applicant had a very low IQ prior to age  22, the applicant can be automatically approved for disability benefits if the individual has one of the following:

  • an inability to get or keep a job

  • an inability to pay their taxes

  • a low IQ with a separate physical or mental impairment that makes it difficult to do work-related activities like keep a job, work for money, collect a salary

  • a low IQ that results in at least the following:

    • Serious problems with social interactions

    • Repeated episodes of worsening symptoms (periods of decompensation).

If the applicant’s IQ is unknowable because the individual can’t follow  directions well enough to undergo an IQ test, the individual will  qualify for disability benefits if he or she relies on others for help  with personal needs. how easy it would be for a cane-user to apply for Social Security Disability based on their failures.

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