Who paid for the $193,050 for the Solar System at the Water and Sewer Board? “The Public”.

Why didn’t the Water Board buy American-made Solar Panels? China panels were cheaper.

 The labels say: SOLAR PANEL LABEL
“Win-Win” the name of Winaico with their subsidiary company in America listed at 505 Keystone Rd, Southampton, PA. The solar panels were made in China. They are sold, not made in Southampton.  

A solar array makes electricity with rocks. The solar panel is made from tiny pieces of crystalline material, a special kind of man-made rock. The tiny pieces are put together, most of them in China, and bought by people to make electricity. The potential for fraud is extremely high and fraud is often committed when people do dumb things. 

Irony: What’s the back-up when the panels don’t work, like when it’s dark? PECO.

You and me paid for the panels and you and me pay for the back-up. Who collects from all this? You’re on your own to figure that out.


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