But the Water/Sewer board bought them anyway.

They never compared the solar panels to any other system. That’s not in the best interest of the public whose interests they should have taken into account. Solar panels are the worst way to generate electricity because they are so expensive. The expenses are neither decreased nor offset by “credits” from the government’s because the so-called credit is collected from the people. Nothing about the Solar Project is free, in fact, it’s worse than simply too expensive, – it takes money away from people, meaning it’s worse because in addition to the $193,050.00 it costs the people an additional $124,426.00 in credits, subsidies and taxes. In addition, as though it’s not enough that the project is too expensive, it uses land that is worth probably another $75,000.00. The attorney sent in his cut and who knows what political markers. if any, were called in to support such a bad idea?

One could try to argue the land isn’t doing anything so the $75,000.00 expense shouldn’t be considered. The answer is why did the authority buy land they didn’t need?

A Natural Gas Generator would have cost maybe $6,000. There’s plenty of Natural Gas and there’s never been an interruption of service, at least not for the past 76 years. There’s Natural Gas already installed on the property so installation of a Natural Gas Generator would have been fast, easy, convenient and seventy (70) Natural Gas Generators could have been bought with the $392K.

Plus, natural gas engines and generators are made in America.

The costs to run a natural gas generator would be offset by the electric supplier that gave a 20% reduction in the rate compared to PECO. Why didn’t the supplier just give that rate to the Water Board in the first place? It’s a separate billing entity so there’s no reason the Water Board couldn’t have simply demanded the lower rate.

In fact, the lower rate should be provided for all of the township needs including the Senior Center, the Library, the Municipal buildings and the schools. If that doesn’t work the Authority should demand either replace the solar panels with American made panels or cancel the entire project. 

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