Hugo gave Obama a book about the exploitation of South America by the United States, “Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent” by Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano. It’s a muddle-headed apology for the inability of Latin America to exist without being exploited. Galeano believes there was “500 years of U.S. colonization of South America”. He tries to blame America for Latin America’s problems writing that Latin Americans are poor because America bought produce, products and oil from Latin America. In a word, the book is nonsense. It is fitting that Chavez thought so much of the book that he gave a copy to Obama.

Chavez made Venezuelan Healthcare the envy of the planet so he went to Cuba where he died because of the way he was treated by the Cuban Healthcare system which could not cure his pelvic cancer. The world lost a great dictator and a fabulous cheap shot strongman who almost destroyed Venezuela in 14 years. Hugo Chavez eliminated just about every industry except for State Run Oil, from which Chavez amassed a $2 billion personal fortune, thereby preventing the exploitation of millions of Venezuelan poor on the alter of a free market.  As Glenn Beck said: “Hugo seized control over the military, the judiciary, the Congress,  the banking system, the aluminum industry, cement, gold, iron, farming, transportation, electricity and food production. Also the electoral council and the media. That way those who used to work in those industries would no longer have to worry at night about those responsibilities. He was able to free Venezuela from the plague of private investment which dropped 43%.”

Chavez was able to drop the value of Venezuelan money 66% and keep inflation at 23%. Venezuela owed $34 million when Chavez took control and he succeeded in increasing the debt to $134 billion, no doubt be sending $2 billion to his personal Swiss Bank. Chavez was relentless in warning his people about the Jewish influence over the banks so he took them, the banks that is. Hugo said he didn’t want to die but many people didn’t want that to happen.

We hope Obama doesn’t read Hugo’s gift, otherwise he’ll get some of the bad ideas that propelled Chavez into an early grave. Obama is in a great position. He can send John Kerry to help Venezuela get on the right track, even though the odds are against that.  

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