Read the Constitution. The Federal Constitution did not empower the Federal Government to create or maintain police. There is no power grant to Washington to arrest citizens. There was no power given to the Federal Government to create Federal Crimes.

Limited government means the Federal Powers are limited to those powers in the Constitution. No grant, no power. How clear is that? In 1776 the power to arrest people was a State Power. The criminal laws were State Laws. The power to arrest people was granted to a few elected State Officials in the States. That’s in the Tenth Amendment. That’s why the Constitution was written and approved, not just talked about. That’s how the Kings did it but America did not accept the false authority of the king. That’s why the Right to Fight against a false master was so important that the Constitution included the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. How much of the Constitution is being violated by Obama? by Eric Holder? by Nancy Pelosi? by Dingy Harry? They should stay in Washington because if they step outside their little Federal Zone they may be arrested by someone who understands and respects the Constitution.

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