The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has been fighting for black people longer than any other organization but they recently found out the head of the Spokane chapter is a white woman who has two white parents. Good for white people, right, that a white person is in the forefront of fighting for black people but she’s in denial. This is the “Racial-Industrial Complex” going nuts.

The Reverend Al Sharpton blamed the white parents of Rachael Dolezal instead of those in the NAACP who hired her and promoted her, not that Sharpton has any empathy for Dolezal’s parents. They are admitted white people against whom Sharpton directs his invective. Sharpton’s views on the whiteness of Rachael Dolezal are psychotic, as are some of his other important mutterings. Sharpton is a world class anti-white bigot. The fact he’s been in constant meetings and appearances with President Obama, another supporter of the Racial Industrial Complex validates his bigotry.

The NAACP screwed up by not doing a race investigation prior to appointing and continuing to support a person against the race of those they have been crusading since their inception. After all, the NAACP is not supporting other races is it? Neither is the President and others who join him in his racial identity struggle.

Right. A struggle since the President is more white than Al Sharpton and depending on whether or not Rachael Dolezal is or is not white he may be more white than the head of the Spokane NAACP, proving what? Proving their point that race doesn’t matter. Since that’s true, why is the NAACP still in existence?

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