Obama didn’t lose his nerve. He never had enough courage to begin with. He’s maintained the foolish idea America is not at war with radical Islam and he said it again yesterday in Antalya, Turkey in addition to confirming he’s not going to change his strategy in the Middle East. He never said what his strategy is. At least French President Hollande sent French bombers to attack ISIS targets and declared total war against radical Islam.

In addition the governments of the Western nations should deport suspected terrorists who are in their countries on a temporary visa and close the borders to Middle Eastern Immigrants. Mr. Obama has never grasped the causes of 9/11 and he was still grappling with Russia’s intervention in Ukraine and keeping an eye on the South China Sea, where China maritime claims put it at odds with its neighbors.

The Paris attacks clearly upended not only the summit meeting but also the administration’s view of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or Daesh, and the range of its threat. Obama called ISIS “the J.V.”. A day before the attacks in the French capital, Mr. Obama said in a TV interview that the Islamic State had been contained in Iraq and Syria.Clearly he’s out of touch with tthe reality of the war being waged on the West and that includes especially America. As a result of the feckless responses of Obama American’s can no longer visit most countries in the Middle East. Obama is safe in Turkey but American citizens are threatened not only there but around the world because Obama has utterly failed to step up and lead as America should.

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