The little crapweasel tweeted Donald Trump that Trump’s idea that Parisians with pistols would have produced a lower death toll was “repugnant in it’s lack of any human decency”. Then he called Donald Trump a “Vulture”. His name is Gerard Araud and he’s a foolish man who happens to be the French ambassador to the United States but he has no respect or understanding of America. He doesn’t think much of the French people either if he thinks they can’t handle pistols.

The defensive use of pistols in America is sky high and a well kept secret because the American media doesn’t report defensive uses of pistols even though there are thousands each year, perhaps even thousands a month. Using a gun to ward off a rapist or robber doesn’t fit the Left-Liberal narrative so the crapweasels in the media ignore the successful uses of pistols to prevent crime and prevent injury and death, preferring to report only the offensive uses of pistols. But Araud doesn’t know that or doesn’t want to know it because the French were quickly conquered by Hitler partly because they didn’t put up much of a fight. America brought a bunch of pistols, rifles, machine guns, grenades and bombs and used them to kill the German occupiers of France. Then they gave France back to the French and 70 years later the cowardice of Araud who doesn’t want Parisians to be able to fight jihadi’s in Paris. Actually the Americans never took France from the French, we simply left after getting rid of the Germans for them. Araud must not know that which means he shouldn’t have been named to be the ambassador from France to America.

Cowardice is well represented in France. This is a poor time to talk about it but he called an American a “vulture” so he’s going to get the truth about what could have lowered the death toll in the recent terrorist attacks in Paris which is a few pistols in the hands of some Parisians who have more courage than Mr. Araud who has insulted not only Donald Trump but the rest of us Americans.      

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