Not the ones with inches on them, an actual ruler who issues ORDERS as though he was King, instead of following the Constitution and protecting the American people. 

How did this happen? Where did we go wrong? How did the Occupation happen? Whose fault is it? How do we fix it?

It began with the idea that there was no such thing as truth, everything being relative. That’s John Dewey, the philosopher who got so much so wrong for so long that his dark shadow is still hanging over the earth. He taught that there are no absolutes to which my son, long ago answered: Absolutely!

People were taught and still believe there’s not enough wealth to go around so some people would have to sacrifice so that others could live. That provided the moral basis, (actually the immoral basis for self-sacrifice for others) for government taking from some to benefit others.

Dewey and Lenin were helped greatly by the doctrines of self-sacrifice and by the mystics who agreed there’s no such thing as an absolute truth because only something that knew everything could be sure of anything.

So Americans and just about everyone else were set up to vote for Barack Obama. Very few could correctly analyze his personality. He was elected in part because it seemed to Liberals that a black president would be better than Sarah Palin as vice president. How wrong they were. Palin was an American not only by birth like Obama but also in her heart unlike him.

Remember that the press and the media in America has been educated by Progressives for whom there are no absolutes, who accept a magical view of the universe and who believe it takes a village.  

So here we are in an occupation by ill-thinking people who seized control of the levers of power and can’t be stopped for at least another two and a half years which is when the next president will be selected.

That’s the cause and the solution. It happens in January, 2016 when President Obama gets to inflict himself on Americans no more.

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