James Dalton Trumbo, who, in the 1940s, was on the list of the ‘Hollywood Ten’, writers and directors charged with contempt of Congress for their involvement with the US Communist Party that was being financed by Moscow in an effort to overthrow the United States Government, not because he stood silent which is of course permitted in America. He was actively working to overthrow the United States government but the movie is silent on all that. Instead the movie tries to exonerate the traitor and whitewash the House Committee On Un-American Affairs.
In 1950, Trumbo served eleven months in prison and was later exiled to Mexico. He and his fellow Communist martyrs were apologists for two of the greatest mass murderers in history, Hitler and Stalin. By the mid-1940s, Trumbo and his crowd were exercising major influence over movies including the scripts and the dialog and were injecting the Communist Party Line into regular movies and thereby into the minds of movie goers who were oblivious of what was being done to them via The Screen Writers Guild, The Screen Directors Guild, the Screen Actors Guild (where their influence was curtailed by Ronald Reagan), the Story Analysts Guild and the Conference of Studio Unions.

They were using their immense power to promote the Soviet ideal, Communist ideals and Soviet writers, as well as to blacklist writers who were anti-Soviet, such as Eugene Lyons. Hollywood’s Reds pioneered the practice of blacklisting, then cried bloody murder when it was applied to them. The House of Representatives Unamerican Activities Committee, the HUAC proved Trumbo was an avowed Communist who was working to overthrow the American Government and replace it with a soviet Government.

The movie left out those facts.

It left out the three and a half million people who, according to the KGB’s own official numbers, were arrested and sent to the gulag during the six years of Stalin’s Great Terror, from 1935 to 1941. Stalin’s secret police seized, interrogated, and sentenced the lot. The KGB states that of that number, 681,692 were executed in 1937-1938 alone. Taken with the four or five million people who died in Stalin’s Great Famine of 1932-1933, the total number of human beings executed, exiled, imprisoned, or starved to death in those years comes to ten to eleven million. These are official KGB numbers released at the end of the cold war. They are almost certainly low. And during all the years when this was taking place, men and women like Dalton Trumbo, Paul Robeson, and Lillian Hellman insisted that Stalin was the just and compassionate father of his people, lied and asserted that Soviet citizens enjoyed a freedom and happiness unknown in American society, and celebrated the Soviet Union as the model society for the future. Others, such as Julius Rosenberg, Alger Hiss, Judith Coplon, Martin Sobell, and Steve Nelson, willingly served the Stalinist regime, as other espionage agents or as part of the Communist underground apparatus. Trumbo was one of the worst of the lot.

Archival materials from the former Soviet Union have revealed that Stalin’s intentions were aggressively malign and expansionist, just as America’s coldest cold warriors had believed. We now know that Mao Tse-tung was not a progressive nationalist forced into the Soviet camp by American hostility and incomprehension, as revisionist scholars in the seventies like to pretend, but was a brutal and dedicated Communist who enthusiastically embraced Stalin from the beginning. Historians J. E. Haynes, Harvey Klehr, Ronald Radosh, Allan Weinstein, and Alexander Vassiliev have used new declassified American materials as well as Soviet sources to lay to rest any doubts about the Soviet Union’s espionage activities, as well as the Communist Party’s active support of it.

The declassified VENONA DECRYPTS have revealed to the public the full extent and depth of Soviet spying in America and proved that fears of Russian espionage networks at work in the highest reaches of the government were not fantasy but sober fact. Meanwhile, independent sources from iron curtain Hungary have confirmed Alger Hiss’s role as a Soviet spy, just as Russian sources (including his former KGB case officer) have finally definitively established that Julius Rosenberg was a central figure in the Soviet spy network (although the importance of the material he provided on the atomic bomb, and the degree of his wife Ethel’s involvement, is still under debate). Even the truth about Owen Lattimore, the most famous of McCarthy’s so called “victims,” has finally come out, thanks to a former Chinese espionage agent’s memoirs and declassified FBI files, which vindicate McCarthy’s original charges. In retrospect, the cause McCarthy made his own — anticommunism — has proved to be more valid and durable than the basic assumptions of his anti-anti-Communist critics.

People should protest and boycott “TRUMBO” and spit at the poster at the movie houses. TRUMBO proves how treacherous Left-Liberal Hollywood is.

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