Hitler used the swastika to unite his NAZI’s against the Jews, not against the African-American Black students at Mizzou who didn’t learn European History. Of course they didn’t learn about the Europeans. Europeans are the enemy at Mizzou. Europeans are neither black skinned nor brown skinned. Europeans have the skin of Mizzou’s enemies so maybe the students thought, wrongly, that the swastika meant the Europeans are coming to insult them with their words.

The students at many Universities are fed up with lots of things mostly because they don’t know they are being brainwashed by the most left Democrat party professors into a continuum of Propaganda against America and it didn’t start when they entered college. It started with the systematic dissemination of myths, lies, and bogus studies in support of the Left-Liberal Hillary philosophy. Mizzou is the consequence.

It started when they were toddlers watching left wing T.V. on the Saturday Morning Cartoons for the toddlers. It continued into elementary school with the politically correct history textbooks about the slave owners who arrived in the outpost of an almost unpopulated wilderness where slaves wrote the Declaration of Independence, …oh, wait. That was a white guy who wrote down the ideas that created the freedoms the students want to eliminate.

Their parents were gulled into accepting the primacy of the state as Hillary Clinton preached their children are best when the State raises them. the protesters are uniformly animated by collectivist objectives that are deeply liberal in spirit and form.

Mizzou is proof of the dysfunction of America’s Left Liberal education system along with the Left Liberal media that has constantly preached the values of Fascism.

Alan Dershowitz knows the story of Fascism, He’s Jewish and he knows about repression because he witnessed Hitler who instituted “The Final Solution” which was not against African Americans.

“We’re seeing a curtain of McCarthyism descend on many college campuses.”

“It was the students at universities that (sic.) first started burning books… they don’t want to hear diverse views on college campuses,” Dershowitz explained.

Liberal, Left Wing Hillaryism;. It’s devastated the minds of American students

“It’s the worst kind of hypocrisy!” Dershowitz declared, continuing:

“It is free speech for me, but not for thee. Universities should not tolerate this kind of double standard… If you’re going to be a college administrator or a professor, if you have tenure, you have to speak back to the students, you have to call these things what they are: double standards, hypocrisy, bigotry, McCarthyism, and the fog of fascism is descending quickly over many American universities.”

It’s a little late in the game. Dershowitz is operating somewhat in the past. The parents of the Mizzou naif’s are in accord with their dysfunction. Fascism descended long ago in America and Hillary who was an early Alinskyite protester against American values. We are watching her philosophy in action at her alma mater, Yale, as well as at Mizzou. The rot of which Hillary want’s more of didn’t just descend onto the youth of America. It happened as long ago as the riots at Haight-Ashbury that were inspired by the American Left. The bizarre contagion inside the minds of these mis-educated and philosophically and ethically mistaken millennials began long ago. Mizzou is the tragic result which will be supported and encopuraged by Hillary is she is ever, tragically, elected.

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