Where were Spike Lee and Al Sharpton at the Superbowl? The Huffington Post Black Voices section headlined: (yes, in order to better integrate white people into the black experience called Liberal America, the Socialist, Liberal, Left-Wing Love Fest, the Huffington Post has a separate section for people like Black Quarterback Cam Newton. An actual Huff headline is: “The Panthers Are The Most Unapologetically Black Team In AFC and NFL History
And it’s awesome.
02/03/2016 03:10 pm ET | Updated 17 hours ago” HERE. And you thought American’s who elected a black President had gotten past racism. To bolt down the progress of special treatment of black American’s America elected a black President again. Two earthquake changes that the Liberal’s fail to notice.
The Huffington Post headlined: “Cam Newton Knows He Might ‘Scare’ People As A Black Quarterback The Panthers quarterback is not afraid to speak the truth.”

In an opposite vein, an internet post headlined: “Apparently The Carolina Panthers Are A Great Team Because They Are Really Black.
Try to imagine the outrage if someone wrote a story about how team was successful because they had a lot of white guys and embraced their whiteness. It would easily be considered the most racist thing anyone ever published. Thankfully the rules of racism don’t apply equally to all races, which is why The Huffington Post can give us: quote: “The Panthers Are The Most Unapologetically Black Team In NFL History” adding, “And it’s awesome.” this is “Blackwashing” given to us by the likes of Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson and all of the crumby people who use race to make monsy. There are more honorable professions.

“The culture of football is such that a league made up of mostly black men is supposed to comply with certain standards created and enforced by mostly white men. Ideally, the players would act subdued in public, celebrate their achievements quietly and speak in a manner that avoids the spotlight.

“Despite the fact that these mostly black men are paid millions of dollars to play a game, it’s somehow just like slavery because they are expected to follow the white man’s rules. Don’t worry; the author assures us that the Panthers rose to the top by rejecting the class, dignity, and sportsmanship those white devils tried to impose on them.

The Liberal press says the same things to praise Cam Newton and condemn Donald trump. They are bold, brash, say what they think, talk before they think,

According to Zeba Blay writing at Huff Post Black wrote:
“At its core, racism is a system in which a dominant race benefits off the oppression of others — whether they want to or not. We don’t live in a society where every racial group has equal power, status, and opportunity. White people have never been enslaved, colonized, or forced to segregate. They do not face housing or job discrimination, police brutality, poverty, or incarceration at the level that black people do. This is not to say that they do not experience some of these things (like poverty and police brutality) at all. But again, not on the same scale — not even close. That is the reality of racism.
“A…..race benefits off the oppression of others. That would require white people to actually oppress black ones. With the President being black, how did he overcome the oppression? Short answer, he didn’t because it wasn’t there. White Americans are not, do not and actually cannot because of the anti-discrimination laws but there is no oppression. If there was Blay would write about it, not just let it there for people to attack. Blay goes on to say “oppresion ….whether they want to or not.
How do people oppress black people when white people don’t want to oppress black people? How do white people oppress black people by not meaning to oppress them? Or are black people deciding to say they are oppressed when they aren’t?

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