According to the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times Loads of heroin comes into America across the Southern border with Mexico. If you have any experience with heroin you know it’s been fatal to loads of young people in America. Read the Obituaries in your local paper and notice how many young people are dying. When you read that someone under 35 years of age died think of drugs and think especially of heroin. When you think of heroin think of the Southern Border.

The NYT reports: “In Mexico, where cartel violence has pulsed through the nation, bringing the deaths and disappearances of thousands, the government reports that it eradicated a record number of hectares of poppy crops last year.”

Heroin is made from the pods of the poppy flower, the plant that makes the pretty red flower that’s been the symbol . Poppies are grown in Colombia and Mexico as well as every country South of the border because poppies grow really good there.

So far no candidate for the Presidency mentioned smuggling heroin across the Southern border. Heroin kills American’s. Immigration, especially illegal hurts the economy by keeping wages low but it’s not fatal. Heroin is. If the wall makes economic sense and it does because of the Wild West law breaking by the Obama administration that refuses to stop the illegal immigrants, the terrorists and the drug smugglers, it makes imminent good sense to stop the heroin that’s killing so many young Americans.

NYT: “For years, Mexico has operated as much more than just a transport hub for drugs bound for the United States. In addition to opium poppy, the cartels grow marijuana and manufacture methamphetamines, textbook examples of the backward and forward links that business students might encounter in their coursework. By both growing and distributing, the drug cartels can keep more of the profit.

For farmers living in remote Calvario, Mexico opium cultivation has a certain logic. It is a hardy plant, with two growing seasons that yield a modest harvest in the summer and a more substantial one in the winter. Getting goods to market is also simple: The traffickers come to them, driving their flashy trucks into the remote village outposts and buying directly from the farmers.”

And each year around Memorial Day, auxiliary volunteers distribute millions of bright red crepe-paper poppies in exchange for contributions to assist disabled and hospitalized veterans. It’s somewhat ironic that the red poppy that is used to raise funds for a great cause is also the flower that makes heroin that kills drug addicts.

Marijuana prices came down right after Colorado legalized it. that introduced people to the world of psychedelic drugs and eventually they get to heroin because the high is more intense and lasts a lot longer than cocaine or meth. So it’s harder stop the heroin epidemic now that the prices are really low. The wall can do that. For that reason alone Trump should be the next President so the wall can be built to stop heroin.

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