Smart women are nothing new, right back to Eve but income inequality meant smart, assertive, educated women didn’t earn as much as men who were often dumber, more shy, meeker and less educated. Gender Rules.

In a somewhat better world for American women, (women in most other cultures are still battling to get where American women were decades ago), new issues are boiling up. One is the so called “Income Gap” because educated women are earning more than many of the uneducated men. (Article Here.)¬†But the article is a bit off base because it’s attacking educated women while seemingly praising them because it’s a stealth article against people who are paid more. It’s about the so-called dangers of Capitalism where some people earn more than others. The Left believes people should all be paid the same. They don’t much care to praise education because educated people earn more money which runs against¬†their beloved Rich – Poor Gap. they need the gap to increase Welfare Programs. The Left thrives off their cut of Welfare. They give money away to the companies who profit from welfare so those companies can keep the keep getting more and more government money.


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