The basis of all addictive drugs are Heroin, Methanphetamine and Cocaine. They come from poppies, chemical synthesis and the Coca plant. They ruin lives by causing brain changes which cause cravings which can never be destroyed. The so called War on Drugs is wrongly based on capture and punishment which fails to address the psychological cravings. Re-hab is not bringing an addict back to a craving-free state. Re-hab is wrongly named. It is simply a detoxification which cannot change the brain back so it’s not re-hab at all.

Withdrawal from a drug doesn’t eliminate the underlying craving. The craving that led to the heroin induced death of Philip Seymour Hoffman killed him after he had been heroin free for 23 years. There are stories about addicts who have been off heroin for 40 years who died from heroin poisoning from a single injection. The 12 step program works for some addicts. For too many others it fails. Jail doesn’t cure addiction.

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