“Gabby Giffords was shot and mortally wounded” said “Crazy Joe” while dottering Charlie Rangel lied that “Millions of Kids are being shot down”.  These are real nuts. They give the anti-freedom movement the aura of stupidity. They prove low-intelligence is not limited to the less powerful people. Rangel has both Power and Privlege. He should acknowledge it every waking moment and tell the non-black people he rules over that they have far less power, prestige, money and privlege than he does. Same for Obama, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Oprah, and the millions of blacks who lord their power and privlege over the other races. But just because there’s one stupid white man in power doesn’t mean the rest of them are dumb too.

Rangel doesn’t understand himself, neither does Joe who has carefully crafted his image into a world class embarrassment. He’s so dumb it takes him three hours to watch 60 minutes. Rangle lies more than an Oriental rug.

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