Separation by race and black people preferring black people over white people is not racism but the current definition of racism is not sufficient because it doesn’t consider natural preference by race. Notice that the black football players didn’t object to the President of Missou being white. They objected because they were being treated differently because they were black. They were not objecting to white students or to white professors. Their objections seemed to run around their idea that they were easy to single out for disparate treatment and that’s what the President did to them. In fact the black students were standing up for black people to be treated like white people or to be treated like white people treat white people.

Wait a minute here. Are the black students demanding to be treated as though their black skin was the same as white skin? Well yes. So they wanted something nature didn’t do. The rioting students in fact and in theory stood for preferential treatment for black people. That’s not racism, it’s calling for their nature to be changed. That’s the classic definition of Bautismo, demanding a through change of condition by intusposition which is a mystical belief but an impossible reality. Black rage is not cured by white guilt anymore than white guilt is cured by black peace. There are impossible things and some changes cannot be done. Black people cannot be changed into white people as Michael Jackson seemingly did by changing his appearance. His ancestors didn’t change. His race didn’t change. The same mutatus mutandis for changing white people into black ones. The arc of reality can be differently perceived but reality isn’t affected.

What causes black rage? Is it white people? Exactly how does a white person cause black rage? How do black people in Africa come to exhibit rage against white people when Africa is controlled by blacks? The causes of black rage need to be identified but locating the cause of black rage in white people doesn’t work, at least not in reality. Most black people in America do not deal with white people as friends, spouses or contacts. It seems the explanation for black rage is the existence of white people. Same for white guilt. It seemingly exists because there are black people.

It’s well past the time to confront the causes for the differences of race. Certainly white people do not cause black people. Even when black and white people mate the children have variety from black to white to mixtures of both according to the combining of their DNA but there is no race gene. There are parts of the genome that cause racial characteristics but those are highly variable depending on the combined genomes. Barack Obama has a 100% white mother yet his children seem not to exhibit characteristics of whiteness. Race has many attributes and is highly variable both within each individual genome and when combined.

The students at Missou and now some students at various other university campuses are demonstrating and protesting for undefined changes and some of those demands are for impossible things. Science can change many things but not race. People who are born white or born black will remain white or black their entire lives along with all of the attributes and behaviors those individual lives contain. People can act differently but no amount of activity can change one’s race. That’s why the students at Missou were wrong to believe race based attributes will change now that their demand that the President resign happened. Check the mirrors. Some things don’t change. .

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