The White President Was Fired Because of The Political Correct Race Based Injustice At University of Missouri. He said he resigned but that wasn’t true. He was forced out by the actions of a black-led mob. 

The inmates at U Of Missouri are running the show and showing America the consequences of a Liberal Progressive culture. One black grad student whose father was paid $8 million last year pretended to be a victim and went on a phony hunger strike which helped create and continue the elaborate hoax supposedly based on racist comments directed towards black people and also based on a swastika drawn on a rest room wall with feces that turned out to have never been done. So the mob demanded the bitch-slapped President resign, which he did instead of managing the University.

These are the serious consequences that show only the power of the mob. Instead of managing the football team and the small number of students who may or may not have legitimate grievances, the ineffective President resigned. When a President is found to be ineffective resignation may be a solution but when a small group of determined students cause the resignation they should be removed from the campus until the University regains the control it is supposed to have.

There’s blame aplenty to go around but the fundamental problem is the disrespect of the University by a few students who use race to foment disorder. A few students should never be permitted to control the University. Control is the job of the administration. A new administration has to get control of the situation and keep control. Lies were told and heads must roll.

Here’s what should have happened: the students should have been told:

1. “No, the University is not going to agree to hire more “persons of color”; we will remain an equal-opportunity employer and there will be no racial bean-counting here.”

2. “No, The Board of Trustees and I will make the hiring decisions here.

3. “And no, there will be no new “diversity” programs because they are un-necessary to your education and all such existing programs and offices will be abolished at the end of the year.

4. “No, I will make no apology, I will not resign, and the idiotic non-subjects you’ve been majoring in like Women’s Studies, Gender Studies etc. which are detrimental to your intellectual progress in life will all be abolished at the end of the year.”

5. “Any student who disagrees with the above is of course free to leave the University. There will be no credit given for students who withdraw from any classes nor are they eligible for tuition refunds since the time has passed for withdrawal without penalty.”

“The University has a job to do and we intend to do it and that job includes disciplinary action against students who flout the rules and who want to run the University. This is America which has rules and laws. You are free to follow both your heart and those laws and start your own colleges and universities where you can make your own rules. Your rules are wrong for the University of Missouri so we will accept your resignations.”

Or, why not hire the hunger striker to run the University since so many of the little mobsters like him and basically are a lot like him. Or are these protestors “All HAT AND NO CATTLE”.

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