How typical and boring for the woman who wasn’t proud of her country to claim, wrongly, the Republicans cheated in Obama’s election. Obama got 100% of the votes in hundreds of Democrat districts and Michelle of the sharp elbows want’s to claim what? That Obama should have gotten more votes? 

Everyone except Michelle knows about the Democrats massive cheating,- made easier because of the Democrats supression of I.D. Remember the Florida Vote Re-Counts where the Democrat, Al Gore kept getting more votes while more chads were punched during the re-counts? Where was the Democrat Outrage? Pushing for more re-counts so more chads could be punched. Cheating? Not Michelle’s Democratic Party, party of the Daley Democratic Political Vote Rigging Cheating Chicago. HaHa. Michelle’s typical tactic is to put on her outrage face, tell monster lies and act all offended. She argues against the facts just as she did at Princeton. Her awakening about the America she invented, an America guilty. Guilty of what? Doesn’t matter anymore, just guilty and the rest of the world is innocent. Michelle is a rich, educated, phoney offended victim who gets her way by phoney outrage, denial, and blaming the innocent.

Michelle said she was not proud of her country. Her senior thesis from Princeton supported quota hiring, a most unfair process but Michelle works her “Blame America” agenda everyday. Unfortunately the Left has been doing that for 100 years and, regretably it worked in Obama’s favor in two presidential elections because just as there are wrong-headed leaders, there are wrong-headed followers. Sic Transit Gloria America.    

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