Hillary is Warm and funny. Ha-ha-ha. She didn’t intend to hide her e-mail server. She liked Monica.

C’mon, America. Let’s get real here. Hillary is an “A” student who not only went to and graduated from Wellesley, a top college, she was the first student to address the graduating class where she talked about: “integrity, trust, and respect”.

What happened to Hillary has happened before to many others but in her latest re-incention of Hillary she needs a team of defense lawyers because she broke many laws in her typical but mis-guided actions when she took classified documents that she shouldn’t have taken out of the secure servers at the United States Department of State. those are criminal violations of U.S. Statutes and some of them, according to Mayor Rudy Guiliani who told Sean Hannity on Sept 14 that the violations “carry jail time”.

This is serious. This is not playing around. A Presidential candidate who tells the public his health care plan will be “fabulous” may be amusing but classified documents are not funny. They aren’t meant to be copied onto a private computer which is what Hillary did with them.

Her computer and the server in her home was sufficient to trigger and FBI investigation. An additional server in Denver which is now in the hands of the FBI.

Whew! TWO servers where none should be. When does Hillary Clinton walk off the international stage and when will the world be free of her. the woman is literally a monster of a problem but her staff is now trying to pull the wool as it were over our eyes and change her into the good fairy princess. Hocum. Hogwash. Godzilla is Godzilla because that’s wht Godzilla is. There’s no Goddess here.    . 


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