It’s a bold lie to claim that America is a nation of Immigrants. No nation is a nation of immigrants. . Immigrants who permanently settle in a country become settlers. America is a country of settlers, not immigrants.

A country with an open border becomes an easy country for migrants to come and go across the border . Refugees can also enter a country when the border is open. So can illegal immigrants. Should America close the borders to refugees, migrants and illegal immigrants? Yes. Why yes? Because the potential is too high for refugees, migrants and illegal immigrants, (RMI’s)  to abuse the system and get free stuff from America. Far too many people want America’s free stuff but they don’t want to pay so others can get it too. RMI’s are net takers. Who needs them? No one.

America has far too much free stuff. The American government has become a painful monster that takes money from far too many people and does far too little for them while simultaneously doing far too much for people who will refuse to pay or to re-pay for the stuff they were given.

It’s important to note that refugees from the Islamic world cannot be properly vetted. Not only does the Obama administration have a frivolous approach to “violent extremists,” but the Department of Homeland Security hasn’t shown itself especially competent to vett terrorists. Rather, it is impossible to weed out jihadists from an RMI flow. Who are we going to check with, the Damascus police department? It’s not like any document claiming to be from Syria can be relied on; fake Syrian passports, for instance, are in great demand. The relatively open Southern border is a source of great danger because of terrorists. The Wall of Trump is absolutely needed. Make it a great one.



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