Trumps great debate victory last night and the ignorance of the pundits to understand or predict it is not a mystery to the millions of Americans who have been belligerently pushed around by politicians and governments. We’re fed up and Trump seems willing to take on the phony’s who have succeeded in ruining America, starting with the likes of Hillary Clinton.

Debater Mike Huckabee was the worst last night WITH LESS THAN ONE PERCENT. He’s in the vanguard of dopey people who are nostalgic for their version of a religious America, a version that never was. In fact the Constitution forbids Huckabee’s Religious America. Good.

Cruz and Rubio were just about tied for third place behind Carly Fiorina who received almost triple their scores. Carly received attention because she was the only woman. That may be as important as her other stellar qualifications. Her position within a Trump Presidency is assured. 

The question is: “Who will be trumps Vice President Pick?
Ted Cruz seems to have the inside track for VP but Marco Rubio could be the better choice. Governor Chris Christie is the best leader after Trump but if he’s not the VP candidate he’s for sure the Secretary of Defense. If Cruz is not the VP candidate, he could be the Secretary of State.

Where would super intellectual Carly Fiorina fit in a Trump administration? Sec. of Commerce? Or, as his spokesperson. She could easily track Trumps mindset as well as keep the various issues in the right compartments.

Sadly, this may be the last Presidency before the coming apocalypse of “Old America”.

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