Before the Wuhan Flu Virus hit America Pelosi was just another rich, annoying Left-Wing Liberal with a big freezer full of expensive food. Since the COVID-19 virus hit America Pelosi has lost her mind to hatred against president Trump. Pelosi has a giant freezer full of expensive ice cream. In fact, as Trump campaign rapid response director Steve Guest noted, Pelosi is “eating $12 dollar a pint ice cream out of her $24,000 fridge.” Do the math. A gallon is 8 pints times $12 a pint is $96.00 a gallon.

While Nancy Antoinette sits in a mansion overlooking San Francisco Bay she has 24 pints, an entire freezer drawer of $96 a gallon ice cream which she may enjoy while watching the reruns of her interview with Chris Wallace when she told him that she doesn’t understand why there are people protesting the lock-down orders. Her lapse in judgment will blow over for a few reasons. The people in her congressional district (a very safe, liberal district) love the giveaways that she provides to them. Secondly, the mainstream press will protect Nancy Antoinette from much fallout simply because they will not report on her $96 per gallon ice cream habit. The Censoring News Network will ignore it. Just imagine if Melania Trump had even ordered one pint!

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