No Republican won, if by Republican it is meant Constitutional Republican, meaning a government of limited powers. Donald Trump won actually, overwhelmingly, convincingly, completely 53% to 21% according to the poll taken immediately after.
Trump continues to be a phenomenon.

TRUMP 52.98%
FIORINA 21.10%
RUBIO 6.30%
CRUZ 5.95%
PAUL 4.31%
CARSON 4.19%

Why is Trump so despised by the Republicans and of course highly despised by the Democrats? One responder wrote: “Americans are tired of being told they suck and they are stupid. They are tired of being put behind non-Americans in our own country. Donald is saying he will fix that.”
FOX doesn’t get it yet. Perhaps they never will. Bill O’Reilly does. So does Sean Hanitty and Eric Boekal. The rest are still struggling to grasp the popularity of Trump despite decades of being held in contempt by the government and especially by the likes of Barack Obama. We, the Americans who pay the corruption and burdensome taxes, have had enough of the goofy’s in charge.

Donald should go all the way into the Presidency unless the power brokers who oppose him succeed in twisting his candidacy and getting another cheap political type as a Republican candidate in which case the insufferable and criminal Hillary will walk into running American through a hole in the bottom of hell.

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