Donald Trump’s job as President will be “To Make America Great Again”. He’s agreed to do it. The question is: how? How will President Trump make America great again? Simple. He must “end states who sponsor terrorism.” That means especially Iran. It also means ISIL in Iraq and Syria. Those states are provocateurs. They constantly provoke the West into responding against them for the things they do. Trump will grant their desire.

Is it morally correct to go to war against an enemy whose senior clerics pray in their Mosques: “Death To America”? As Senator Marco Rubio says: “Our enemies don’t fear us”.

Terrorism is not an individual crime but an act of war sponsored by a nation and a culture. Fourteen years ago on Sept. 11, 2001 states that sponsored terrorism murdered 2,996 innocent people in America on American soil yet American leaders are still baffled about what to do. Are they concerned about bombing innocents? The Terrorists aren’t. They search for innocents to murder. America seems afraid of killing innocent civilians in Iran even though Iran murders innocents whenever and wherever it wants. The answer to stopping Iran simple: take out Iran.

Unfortunately, America’s “intellectuals” yowl about loving your neighbors which has paralyzed a military response to nations that sponsor terrorism. President Trump needs to end states that sponsor terrorism by taking out the leaders who preach and prostitute religion by calling for the murder of Americans.

In the United Nations American doesn’t get support from the anti-American nations so America will have to take out Iran with only the American military. Perhaps it will take President Trump some time to assemble enough military capability to do that but unless and until it’s done Americans are in mortal danger. that’s why Trump is so popular. He makes Americans feel safe again because he has prove he’s a winner which is why it’s up to Iran to stop America but America needs to take out the evil culture that has been getting away with murdering American’s and other innocent people. If American must go it alone then so be it. The State of Iran must be taken out by Trump.

Illegal immigration across the Southern border is important but ending states that sponsor terrorism is more important. Obama has not only failed to do that, he’s helped Iran get more legitimate. The Supreme Leader of Iran knows a coward when he meets one which is why he might just surrender to President trump and save us a lot of trouble.

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