Not all Christians are equal. There are vast differences that range from tolerance of, indifference to, and complete or partial intolerance of gays. That’s four different groups of Christians. Lesbians are also different among these Christian groups as are transgenders, bi-sexuals and a-sexuals. Catholics are another different Christian group. They follow the Pope. Other Christian groups also follow the Pope although less strictly than Catholics. Some are opposed to the Pope but identical on the theological level. That’s five different Christian groups.

LGBT’s are four sexual groups. There are however additional sexual groups such as the aforementioned a-sexuals. In addition there are different levels of sexuality among each group. For example, there are heterosexuals who are low level hetero’s and there are high levels. How many sexual groups does that make? Five? Fifty?

If there are five sexual groups and five Christian groups, that’s twenty five different sexual/Christian groups. There are many different religions. A quick check yields over one thousand. One expert lists 34,000.

Among those groups there are different levels of religion ranging from super-believers to very lax practitioners.

Should a florist have to serve a gay couple’s wedding?

Most religions and most people would answer yes. A few would say no. What does the law say?

That depends on whether it’s Federal Law, – which says the florist must serve the gay couple; or State Laws which differ from state to state.

The real answer is somewhat identical to: “How many angels are there on the head of a pin?”

On a practical level, what about if there is another florist across the street? that makes it as convenient as possible for the gay couple to get flowers with which they would be happy. But suppose there is no other florist within 25 miles? What then?

Then suppose the florist told the gay man or his fiancé that he or she would do their flowers but their heart wouldn’t be in it? What should the gay couple do? Should they take the florist to court? Or should they take a chance that the flowers would be OK? Most people would advise them to go to another florist. Suppose they insist on forcing the reluctant florist to provide them with flowers for their wedding?

So there are thousands of religions and hundreds of different sexual orientations and lots of florists, should the Federal and State Police force the florist to make up the corsages, bouquets and boutonnières for the gay people? Would that work? What would the Constitution say about using the power of the police to force a religious person to work for people they would rather not make flower arrangements for?

How far should this go? Some would say as far as it can because heaven is different than hell and they don’t want to go there.

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