He relates with victims and uses victim imagery. He’s a classic case of a maladjusted mind that cannot be considered normal. Does that mean he’s nuts?

When his father left him. When his mother abandoned him. When his grandmother admitted she’s afraid of black people more than she’s afraid of white people, hurt him. He remembers all those instances of being left alone instead of being loved and cherished and it affected him reasoning ability by giving him wrong information about himself and the rest of the world. Victimized, hurt and injured he brought those maledicted ideas to the White House. He’s a man harboring seriously wrong ideas about people based on his maladjusted psyche.

More food stamps is his answer to the powerful people who ran over his mentation. He’s on a crusade to right the wrongs he suffered as an immature adolescent. See the problem? Don’t worry, I’ll get you help instead of trying to help yourself.

You cannot pull yourself up, you need help because of your inadequacy. Simply tell people you’ve been victimized so you need more money from government for food and medical care because those other people who hurt and injured you, even if you didn’t really get hurt by anyone. The term “psychotic experiences” covers seeing things that are not there to paranoia, a general fear of just about anything the maladjusted mind can imagine.

Obama refuses to negotiate because one doesn’t negotiate with Satan. One conquers enemies who are truly evil which explains Obama’s preferred method of negotiation and compromise. Don’t do it. He doesn’t. He’s an autocrat. He’s the leader who must be obeyed, the ultimate bully who can finally hurt his oppressors.

Reaching out to a local police force make sense to Obama because there was a victim, a black professor who in Obama’s fetid mind could never be too belligerent to a cop and to help Professor Gates Obama invited him to the White House to confront the arresting officer. Gates – Victim. Cop – Oppressor. Obama – Victim Too. This stuff is to far from normal. The President who is elected to enforce the laws decides to identify with the law-breaker because of his race. Is there any other explanation? Any other sensible explanation?

The professor was seen by Obama as too weak to stand up for himself. Obama made a perp a victim. Then the president stood against the police officer. Too far from normal but it also explains Obama’s rush to judgment in Ferguson and Staten Island. Those are classic responses of a victim to imagined oppression. Far from normal. Paranoid? If so, how strong is the paranoia?

He wants to re-balance the scales to re-patriate the wealth from the masses victimized by the Czar. The man is channeling Lenin and the 1917 revolution when he should be supporting the one in 1776.

Obama strongly identifies with people like Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe when he has plenty of America role models which, unfortunately, he dislikes.

Obama is truly the most imaginative president America ever elected. He’s following the voices he hears in the wind.

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