First, there is no such thing as a Hispanic. It’s a derogatory, invented word to mash together all of the different nations and cultures of Central America, South America and the many Caribbean Nations. There is a vast distance between Mexican culture, Colombian culture, Argentine culture and all of the other cultures of people who speak Spanish. there’s even a big debate among the various cultures about which one speaks the best Spanish.
Jeb Bush’s wife Columba is Mexican, pronounced “Meah-he-can”. The “X” is pronounced like the Spanish “J” which means don’t say “Mex”. Calling her a Hispanic is degrading to her. Mexico is a proud and wonderful culture and Columba is Meah-he-can. The problem of Mexico itself is the corruption which causes the lack of economic opportunities.

But Mexico is not Hispaniola, it’s Mexico. Mexicans don’t get along well with El Salvadorians, just as Venezuelans don’t get along well with Colombians. There are many, lets call them rivalries; countries that don’t like each other and for the countries south of the United States it’s serious business. They criticize each others Spanish, believing their Spanish is superior to the Spanish spoken in other countries. American’s have no equivalent dislike of other cultures except for the current black – white bias made worse by Obama.

For Donald Trump the intense and specific differences between the various cultures of Mexico all the way to Tierra del Fuego provide an opportunity to show how he can help all of the different cultures. It’s the political equivalent of a gold strike, a bonanza. Instead of generalizing about Hispanics, he needs to get specific about the different nations and cultures. He can start by pronouncing “Mexico” correctly. He can bone-up on the vast differences between and among all of the different cultures and start talking about their place in the world.

Trump can make the case about all of the illegals from Mexico because that’s the porous border that’s a big problem for a lot of Americans but he knows the illegals pouring across the border are more than just Mexicans. Many are from the Middle East. Terrorist territory which is why Donald will build not just a fence. He’ll build a wall. Walls are far more secure than fences but fences can work. The problem is no other politician wants to build a wall.

Once Trump builds his wall he can make deals with every nation in the Spanish speaking world for some of them to legally emigrate to America. He can send the illegals back across the wall never to return as illegals.

Trump can help the cause of freedom by refusing to admit Socialists. America has far too many Socialists, aka. Leftists. He can suggest they go to Russia or Iran. If they enjoy Socialism America doesn’t need them and doesn’t want them. …..developing.

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