Why is Amnesty such a four letter word? Because Americans are fed up with all of their money that goes to third world people who come to America for the free handouts. It’s the Immigrants, stupid! could be the rallying cry for the 2016 Presidential Campaign. that’s the single issue that has catapulted Donald Trump to the top of the charts and why Jeb Bush is done. Jeb is speaking Spanish to the American electorate. That’s so politically insane because most Americans including law abiding Spanish speakers do not want more people in America. Americans want a halt to immigration, legal and especially illegal.

Americans don’t want to hear about a path to citizenship. They value American citizenship and they want only the best immigrants because that’s the way they will prosper. Jeb doesn’t get it. He was going around speaking Spanish in an English speaking country. If Jeb want’s to speak Spanish that’s OK for him because he has a Mexican wife but it’s a big turn-off for American voters who are sick and tired of being hectored how racist and intolerant they are because they don’t speak Spanish. Americans are fed up. Trump get’s it and wants to change it. Jeb doesn’t and wants more Spanish in mainstream America because he believes it’s racist to resist speaking Spanish. What a nincompoop.      

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