Illegal Immigrants are not “subject to the jurisdiction” of the United States therefore their anchor baby is illegally born as far as the law is concerned. The idea of birthright citizenship applies to new born babies whose mother is in the United States legally.

The 14th Amendment has no provision that somehow grants legal immigrant status to an illegal pregnant woman. The pregnant woman is broke the law by entering illegally. Giving birth doesn’t make her innocent. But if she’s not innocent her new born is not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and is thereby not included in the privilege granted in the 14th Amendment that makes her new born into a legal immigrant.

No part of a pregnant woman’s body becomes legal until the entire woman is legal. Her fetus is just as illegal as her blood and her blood cannot become legal by being deposited on American soil. She cannot cut off a illegal finger and demand her finger become legal because she dropped it onto America.

But there is a danger from accepting illegal immigrants in addition to the money involved. America is a culture that has the moral responsibility to be concerned about the future of itself. Immigrants upset that culture so the culture has a basis to stop things which devalue and lessen the culture. Immigrants do that by bringing attitudes that are not American attitudes into America to the detriment of American culture. Ideas such as respect for women, for their bodies and for their freedoms.

Ann Coulter notes that immigrants both legal and illegal do not have respect for women. That case is verified by looking to the Middle East where women are not accorded the same status as men. That’s so completely un-American that American citizenship must never be granted unless that attitude is completely eliminated and replaced by a proper American attitude.

But Middle Eastern immigrants are not the only culture that refuses to respect women. Look to Mexico; to Cuba; to Venezuela and to Spain and indeed to all of Central and South America as well as to Europe to witness the adoration of misogyny. Those are more reasons to withhold American citizenship to immigrants from those cultures too.

America is not just unique and exceptional, it is far ahead of all other cultures not just in terms of Rights for Women but for men too. Those who want to live her and agree with those values are welcome. Other’s should keep out and that includes especially illegal pregnant women.

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