Apr 172017

“Who Loves Ya Baby?” Kojack. 1973.

“Who Hates Ya Baby?” Me. 2017.

Ilana Mercer, a South African authoress unfairly took on the First Daughter by writing WHAT IVANKA WANTS, IVANKA GETS. It was a hit piece and Ilana should re-think her conclusions about Ivanka. Ilana doesn’t like President Trump’s bombing of Assad’s airport. Why? No info. What was wrong with it? Again. Ilana goes dark. Probably to consult her parrot, the stand-in for Ilana’s child she never had. Ilana then called Jared Kushner “Ivanka’s poodle.”

Ivanka has three of President Trumps grandchildren. The love of the President for his daughter as well as her three children and her husband Jarad is obvious. The relationship of a father and daughter is one of the strongest of human bonds. Plus, President Trump has been watching, training and judging Ivanka for 35 years. Ilana has observed mere snippets from the snippy anti-Trump media about Ivanka. Mercer, unapologeticly born in South Africa which is so far from the rest of civilization and with unique problems because of apartheid as well as her being a minority in a minority ruled country; Afrikaners are not fans of people like Ilana and Ilana knows that because she went to Israel with her father because of his problems with the policies of the ruling minority Afrikaners. At best Ilana has a clouded set of conclusions about: America; American fathers and American daughters. She is not in position to correctly judge Ivanka as a daughter. In addition, Ilana would prefer to be the only woman advising President Trump.

Woman are often the most woman-hating people because they view every other female as competition. See a summary of why and how HERE.
O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;
It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock
The meat it feeds on; . . . William Shakespeare.

Mercer is brilliant. Her ideas and books hit the Leviathan state right between the eyes but Mercer is also a woman. She needs to learn more about Ivanka, tell us Ivanka’s philosophic ideas then work to make things better for America which makes things better for the entire world.