The events constituting the Obama presidency are surreal. The bad decisions didn’t start with the invention of “The Video” that caused the Benghazi murders or inviting a guilty man and the arresting officer to the “Beer Summit at the White House. They didn’t start with “Travon Could Have Been My Son” or “Fast and Furious” which had the consequence of sending more guns into the hands of the Drug Cartels or the Treaty With Iran which he couldn’t negotiate, –he had to call in the French, the British, the Russians and the Chinese. He wasn’t capable of negotiating with the Mullah’s of Iran on his own.

Obama has refused to release his Columbia thesis about The Nuclear Disarmament of the West. Perhaps Obama is afraid his thesis would be judged incredibly stupid – which of course it would be.

The only article anyone can find written by Obama during his undergraduate years is one published by the Sundial, a campus newspaper. Titled “Breaking the War Mentality” it’s an idiotic piece that reads like something out of the mind of a 14 year old. It simply repeats the propaganda lines of various campus anti-war groups. He writes favorably of nuclear freeze groups, of whom, we now know – thanks to the opening of KGB archives – were being manipulated by the Soviets.

Obama’s legal team has sealed all his academic records. Why does Obama want to hide his lack of academic achievements? Because his academic records mean that liberal college administrators at Occidental and Columbia admitted him based on his skin color. Remember, college faculty is completely dominated by liberals. The rage for affirmative action easily explains Obama’s lack of academic achievement.

Obama’s secret is just a matter of intellect. It has become obvious Obama is a fundamentally stupid man. All the education doesn’t come together and has produced no worthwhile results. He needs a teleprompter. Barack knows all the buzzwords and how to get them across. He easily impresses crowds and onlookers so long as the questions don’t get too detailed. When he speaks impromptu he’s cynical, sarcastic and mean to his adversaries, many of whom are people who supported him then figured out he’s essentially and Empty suit. He is noticeably uncomfortable among diverse audiences.

His promise has caught up to his intellectual paucity. He is unable to turn the promise of his awesome education into into a brilliant Presidency. In fact and in actuality everything he touches, without exception, falls to pieces. He has no political success to his record. His administration is one endless bit of bland. He’s cold blooded, intellectually lifeless and spectacularly inept.

When affirmative action programs promote people because of their skin color and not merit, eventually someone pays a price. In Obama’s case, America is paying that price. Compared to Obama, even Warren Harding, the last man on everybody’s “Intelligent Presidents” list, looks like a beleaguered giant. What we have in Obama is the stupidest man who ever sat in the Oval Office. Forget the claim that Obama has a secret “master plan” to bring the country down. You cannot construct a workable plan by piling personal failure upon failure. Saul Alinsky himself couldn’t have brought that off.

Obama doesn’t write his speeches. Obama’s main speeches are written by Jon Favreau, The soaring words and inspirational phrases were all written by Favreau. Without Favreau, Obama’s speeches are mediocre.

Search for “Obama with no teleprompter”. You’ll find a slew of speeches in which he sounds like a fool, stuttering and stammering. Without a speech prepared for him and without a teleprompter, he’s a less than average speaker. Being unable to speak extemporaneously is a sign of his lack of brilliance. What’s more, not only is his grammar and syntax off in his unprepared speeches, his thoughts are confusing. 502 days left until the new President is sworn in. Good.

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