We have seen this before. The world was flat in 1491, the ear before Columbus showed us it’s round. 

People who believe in global warming still demand hot food so chef’s can make loads of dough (sic.) by adding a global warming fee for people like DiCaprrio who will pay extra to reduce the use of power by other people so he can increase his personal use of power.

Donald Trump spotted the hoax of climate change which was originally believed to cause the cooling of the earth but has been changed to global warming and finally to Climate Change which includes warming, cooling, heating and air conditioning and a preference for both hot and cold food like baked beans and hoagies.

Trump raised the possibility of withdrawing U.S. support for a new global accord to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which have depleted the savings accounts of people caught in the middle of ill-conceived  fines, fees and  regulations. Trumps moves can increase the profits of energy using customers and energy producing companies that provide power to run cars, trucks, lights and the machinery that makes millions of different products needed and used by every individual including food cooked in restaurants.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio met with Trump and said: “the battle to address it is far from over, calling on the world to implement the Paris Agreement on climate change, which came into effect in November, and to “go further”.
Obama did not have 67 U.S. Senate votes to ratify the treaty, so he is calling it an agreement like the Iran appeasement agreement. that’s why Obama bypassed the U.S. Senate when he shipped pallet loads of cash to Iran. It’s been confirmed that Obama’s $1.7 billion he illegally arranged to be shipped to Iran to circumvent the sanctions imposed on Iran for their support of terrorists and terrorism against America.

President Obama’s statements on global warming are “dead wrong,” said Nobel laureate Ivar Giaever, who rejected the president’s claims that man-made global warming is causing climate change.

“I think Obama is a clever person, but he gets bad advice. Global warming is all wet,” Giaever said in a speech entitled Global Warming Revisited he gave on July 1 to scientists from 90 countries attending the 65th annual Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau, Germany.

Giaever, who was born in Norway and became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1964, was one of three recipients of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1973.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) reminds us where Obama’s pallets of cash are going: “President Obama’s disastrous nuclear deal with Iran was sweetened with an illicit ransom payment and billions of dollars for the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism.”

“President Obama’s secret $400 million ransom payment to Iran already set an incredibly dangerous precedent, and news that it was followed by two more plane loads of cash only makes this blunder even worse,” said Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller, as quoted by Fox News. “Hillary Clinton’s support for President Obama’s approach to Iran, including the deeply flawed nuclear deal she helped spearhead, reflects the same bad judgment that characterized her foreign policy decision-making as Secretary of State.”

DiCaprio routinely uses masses of power in his large, private jet as well as in his daily life but her refused to give up or cut down on his power use because he believes he’s special.

Leonardo picked up an environmental award in NYC this week by hiring a private jet that uses 8,000 times more fuel than a car as he accepted the award. The private jet flew from Cannes back to hollywood then flew straight back to France for a fund-raiser packed by rich, famous, beautiful models and men the next day. Leonardo knows how to use gobs of energy to make his life better but it’s noted he could have used a bigger jet and invited even more fans and friends to come along.

What can people do to lower CO2 in the atmosphere? Buy plants. Grow their own tomatoes. Tomato plants use CO2 and as a bonus they produce oxygen, 02, which is very beneficial to humans. Rich people like DiCaprio can buy trees and plant large forests so the trees can feed on the CO2 and produce oxygen. That wah DiCaprio can use bigger private jets that produce CO2 which his tree forests can use to grow even bigger. .  


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